Sexy Person #003 – Aziz Ansari


Why We Love Him. . .

  1. He’s part of the Apatow crew. (It’s one of the reasons that we also love Kristen Wiig.)  He’s had a couple minor roles in Apatow productions and is now working on several film projects that Apatow would produce with Aziz and his friends behind the wheel. After a long time of having to pretend that we find Seth Rogen endearing and relatable, it’s nice to see people like Wiig and Ansari come in and say, “Thanks, but we’ll take it from here.”
  2. He totally gets our generation’s kind of humor. Because there’s a lot of things that we laugh at that our parents will never understand. Like how we spend way too much time on and how Kanye West is as unintentionally hilarious as he is brilliant.
  3. He’s in one of our favorite funny t.v. shows right now, Parks and Recreation. Okay, maybe it’s not everyone’s cup of tea, maybe not even NBC’s since they’ve already pushed back the third season premiere to make room for other shows they want to pursue this fall.  Regardless, it’s a quality show that may end up with a nice cult following and Aziz’s character Tom Haverford is arguably one of the best characters.
  4. He’s probably one of the biggest rising stars in comedy right now. A year ago, I don’t remember hearing much of anything about this guy. Now he’s hosting the MTV Movie Awards, doing another stand-up tour, getting regular mentions on channels like LOGO and Comedy Central, all while acting on t.v. and in movies. If Aziz Ansari isn’t already a household name, he’s well on his way.
  5. He’s just pretty adorable in general. The first time I saw his stand-up, I knew I wanted him to be my boyfriend so that we could overreact to awesome stuff and fuck with people on the internet together.

2 Responses to “Sexy Person #003 – Aziz Ansari”

  1. 1 charlessimic09

    My newest crush after watching Save the Last Dance is Julia Stiles. I have my own room this year, so I can’t wait to decorate it with a ton of gorgeous people!

    –This is Esther_Mae, by the way. I created a wordpress a long time ago as my “secret” blog.

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